Why take this course
  • If you are about to start a finance / banking internship or full time position, we strongly suggest you get a head start on training because relative valuation is typically covered at the onset. The materials covered in this Course Pack are a distillation from our live in-class training that we offer at our clients
  • If you are already a working professional then the content is directly usable in real world situations. We break down in a practical manner how to properly obtain financial information and perform relative valuation


Physical Book and Downloadable Files

Relative valuation is an essential valuation methodology and this course takes a deep dive into the detailed intricacies of spreading comps, interpreting and analyzing the multiples, and all the common complexities a practitioner might encounter. This course is the self-study version of one of our most popular live training programs at the top investment banks, consulting firms, and other Fortune 500 companies, as well as the top MBA programs.


  • Excel models (template + solutions)
  • 360 pages of a step-by-step guide with our professional insight
  • Suggested time to completion: 15-20 hours
  • 12 months free access to Online Companion
  • Compatible with all versions of Excel


  • Foundations of public comparables
  • Foundations of acquisition comparables
  • Normalizing and adjusting the income statement
  • Adjusting for restricted stock and restricted stock units
  • Complications such as dual share structures and foreign listed shares
  • How preferred stock, equity in affiliates, noncontrolling interest, and pensions affect valuation
  • Summarizing valuation through a Football Field or floating bar chart


  • Excel efficiency will make you a much more effective, so taking Excel Best Practices before hand is highly recommended but not required
  • This course assumes accounting knowledge. The Fundamentals of Financial Accounting & Analysis book will give you a good foundation if you don’t have any accounting knowledge
  • Corporate finance knowledge is helpful. If you want a primer on how companies are valued and to understand how relative valuation fits in the framework of other methodologies, the Fundamentals of Corporate Valuation book is perfect


  • “TTS is the best on the Street. I've had training with them through a bulge bracket investment bank for summer internship and through business school classes. Their courses deliver a simple to follow natural progression. It’s all based on real world application and not just theoretical.”
  • “My first year of B School included a two day workshop where TTS came to campus and worked us through this entire course in person. The conceptual and technical information within this coursepack is great. I actually used them my first week of my MBA internship when valuing an acquisition target and presenting my valuation, along with a comps analysis, to senior management.”
  • “As someone who has passed all three CFA exams and worked in private equity, this course is a great tool in applying acquired knowledge.”
  • “Better than my MBA!”