Why take this course

Are you starting a new job position? Or getting ready for business courses at school? The most basic and essential skill to know before you start to tackle an Excel financial model or analyze a company is accounting. This course pack will get you ready. It is also a must buy for anyone planning to purchase our corporate valuation and financial modeling course packs


Physical Book Only

This foundational accounting self-study course provides all the tools you need to understand financial accounting – the most essential skill and building block for any type of analysis. Utilized extensively at our training programs at leading financial institutions, it assumes no prior accounting knowledge, and is designed to provide a thorough accounting foundation for finance professionals. Through real-world examples and practical exercises, the course will take you through all you need to know about key accounting principles, financial statements, and ratio analyses.

This self-study is ideal if you have no prior accounting knowledge, are preparing for finance interviews, are starting a new job, or are getting ready for business courses at school. This self-study is also a must-buy if you need to satisfy the accounting prerequisite for any Training The Street Valuation or Modeling course.


  • Over 300 pages of content, including 150 practice problems and exercises
  • Estimated time to complete is 12-15 hours
  • Note: There is no online / multimedia content for this product


  • How to read and analyze an annual report
  • Analysis of a real world public company
  • Locating the latest and most relevant company information on the web
  • Detailed understanding of income statement, balance sheet and statement of cash flows
  • Relationships between three core statements, which will also aid in understanding corporate valuation and financial modeling
  • A primer on the time value of money
  • Understanding the importance of working capital on cash flow
  • Over 35 financial statement ratios delivered with example calculations and explanations
  • Over 150 exercises and knowledge checks


  • None, this course assumes no prior accounting knowledge