Why take this course
  • Provides a solid foundation in applied corporate valuation in a condensed, practical manner (for both finance and
    non-finance job functions)
  • Essential foundation before interviews and internships
  • Enhances the learning experience in finance and financial statement analysis classes


Physical Book Only

This dynamic self-study provides hands-on experience in today's most widely used corporate valuation methods used by practitioners in real-world situations such as initial public offerings (IPO), leveraged buyouts (LBO), and mergers and acquisitions (M&A). It’s the perfect preparation for interviews or before taking a deeper dive into valuation and modeling topics. This course is the self-study version of one of our most popular live training programs at top investment banks, consulting firms, and other Fortune 500 companies, as well as the top MBA programs.


  • Includes a core book
  • Over 250 pages of real-world examples, pen and paper exercises, and professional insight
  • Estimated time to complete is 12-15 hours
  • Note: There is no online / multimedia content for this product


  • Investment banking and mergers and acquisitions (M&A) overview
  • Corporate valuation terminology
  • Public comparables analysis
  • Acquisition comparables analysis
  • Discounted cash flow analysis
  • Merger consequences analysis
  • Leveraged buyout analysis


  • This course requires basic accounting knowledge. The Fundamentals of Financial Accounting & Analysis self-study fulfills this prerequisite


  • “Better than my MBA!”
  • “My first year of B School included a two day workshop where TTS came to campus and worked us through this entire course in person. The conceptual and technical information within this coursepack is great. I actually used them my first week of my MBA internship when valuing an acquisition target and presenting my valuation, along with a comps analysis, to senior management.”