Why take this course
  • The online companion significantly enhances your self-study learning experience
  • Easily refresh all the material in the self-study package by reviewing the online companion
  • Continue to hone your excel and modeling skills by working on the models and drills

Online Course Extension

Online Course Extension

Your purchase of selected TTS Self-Study course packs entitles you to 12 months of free access to our proprietary online companion, which includes online instruction, Excel templates and models, Excel drills and case studies. You can now extend your access to the online companion for an additional term of 12 months by purchasing the extension product


  • Purchasing this product extends access to the online companion to all the self-study products you currently own
  • If you purchase this product along with a self-study product, you can access the online companion for 18 months
  • This product can be purchased whenever you wish to extend your current access by 12 months
  • You can review your current subscriptions to the online companion and their expiry dates in the ‘downloads’ section


  • I purchased a self-study product. When can I purchase the extension?
    Anytime. This product will extend your access by 12 additional months
  • I own two self-study products. How can I extend access to the online companion for both products?
    This product automatically extends your access for all products
  • My subscription to the online companion has expired. How can I purchase the online companion again?
    You can purchase an online extension at any time. Click the “add to cart” button and proceed with the checkout process. Still have questions? Please contact us at selfstudy@trainingthestreet.com , and we will assist you
  • How long does it take to actually extend my access once I purchase this product?
    The access extension is immediate, and will be reflected in the expiry dates in the ‘downloads’ section